Written in 8th grade

In a few years we will be able to make all things we see around us, but with a superior molecule precision, with lower cost and with smaller pollution of the production. And we will be able to make things in the way that we today think is impossible.
Some examples of things that we today believe we can do with nanotechnology in the future:

  • Medicine, for example to cure cancer and diabetes
  • Strong materials, for example for transport and buildings
  • Even more powerful glazing agent, to dismiss water and dust
  • Computer technology 
  • Self repairing materials

I have seen a scientific program there a researcher talked about a box you could have at home. The box is called “nano-printer”. With the nano-printer you not only could print out boring papers. With a nano-printer you print out whatever device you want. I think that it would be like a screen where you choose what you want to “print out”. I think it would look like the menu at AppStore. You can search for hamburger, pay a small sum, and “print” it out. You can also “print” out an iPhone 5 if you want to. Or why not “print out” a new nano printer and send it to Africa, so the poor people can print out what they want.